Ettal Workshop

Organised and chaired by professors M. Zierhut (University of Tubingen, Germany) and S. Ohno (Hokkaido University, Japan) a two-day workshop on "Immunology of Behçet's Disease" was held in Ettal (Bavaria-Germany) on October 12 and 13, 2000. The option to buy term papers online that are similar to the documents presented there is still available. There were about 40 participants, 25 of whom gave formal papers. Even though the main heading was immunology many aspects of BD were discussed including epidemiology and treatment. One scientific highlight of the meeting was the papers and the related discussion about the new transgenic animal models including the transgenic HLA B51, MICA and HLA B51+MICA. However neither the basic science or the clinical students of BD found the clinical findings or the immunological/propensity to inflammation characteristics of these animal models entirely satisfactory. Another highlight of the meeting was the treatment of severe eye disease by TNF-alpha blockage as presented by S. Ohno. Even the numbers treated were rather small; the results were quite promising.

The social side was superb. Held in a beautiful monastery on the Bavarian mountains our hosts (Department of Ophthalmology at Tubingen University) were most accommodating. Evidently a scientific publication related to this meeting is also in the horizon.




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We are very happy to announce that Prof. Shigeaki Ohno and Dr. Tomomi Nishida have accepted to join us as associate editors starting with the next issue of the BD News. H. Yazici - Y. Tüzün

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Preparations for the 10th International Conference on Behçet's Disease

President, The 10th International Conference on Behçet's Disease

The 10th International Conference on Behçet's Disease will be held in Berlin on 27 -29 June 2002 and is the first thematic conference to be organized under the auspices of the currently inaugurated International Society of Behçet's Disease.

Venue of the Conference will be the University Medical Center Benjamin Franklin of the Free University of Berlin at Steglitz, a southwestern suburb of the city. Plenary and concurrent sessions as well as a poster exhibition will increase the number and interest of active participants. Most sessions will be thematically organized. There will also be selected invited lectures of international experts, satellite therapeutic symposia and an industrial exhibition. Our purpose is to construct a scientific program with high impact providing current information on clinical subjects and research on this multisystem disorder.

On the other hand, we try to keep the participant expenses as low as possible in order to attract young scientists and students working or wishing to work in this interesting clinical and scientific field in the future. The early registration fee (before February 28, 2002) is 420 German Marks with a reduced fee for members of the International Society of Behçet's Disease of 370 German Marks. The late registration fee (from March 1, 2002) and on site registration costs 550 German Marks; the members of the International Society of Behçet's Disease paying 500 German Marks.

Over 800 clinicians and scientists are going to receive the first announcement of the Conference in the next days.

The medical conference will take place simultaneously with the 2nd International Convention for Patients with the Silk Route Disease (Behçet's Disease) giving for the first time the opportunity for physicians and patients all over the world to communicate directly. The early registration fee (before February 28, 2002) for patients-participants at the the 2nd International Convention for Patients is 350 German Marks and the late registration fee (from March 1, 2002) and on site registration costs 450 German Marks.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is February 28, 2002.

Registration to the Conferences is easy. The abstract form, the registration form, all information about hotels and reservations, details for the cultural and social program as well as further information is to be found on the website which will be updated on a continuous basis.

On the threshold of the new millennium Berlin is an exciting cultural and cosmopolitan center in the heart of Europe. You can study the past, enjoy the present and look at the future unfolding in front of your eyes. Participants and accompanying persons will experience a program which will provide the opportunity of getting a strong impression of the variety of the new capital of Germany. Historical expeditions, cultural events and trips through the new quarters of the city will show you the kaleidoscope of an exciting place. The conference takes place in a period of the year when the weather can be expected to be nice and sunny.

For further information please contact the RKM Konferenzmanagement at

Important Notice: ISBD will grant up to eight, 500 dollar bursaries to young investigators (aged 35 years or less) submitting abstracts to the 2002 Berlin Meeting. The congress registration fee will also be waived from the winners of these bursaries who will be selected by a peer-review process.

For application, please send a brief letter of intent, which includes your date of birth, with your abstract. The deadline for abstract submission is February 28, 2002.